Cairns Dog School About Us

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We are Cairns premier dog training school. Our dog training instruction course lasts for twelve weeks.

Cairns Dog School Lessons

• Puppy
• Grades 1-3
• Agility

We cater for all levels from Puppy to Grade 3. Classes for each level last four weeks, and grading is done on the final week.

Cairns Dog School Staff

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Come and meet our friendly trainers. They are volunteers with extensive experience helping you establish a great relationship with your dog.

Cairns Dog School Location

• Henley's Hill Park, Earlville, Cairns.
• 6.30pm, Monday nights

Our easy-paced and informative classes are held every Monday night, 6.30 pm at Henley's Hill Park, De Jarlais Street in Earlville, Cairns.

Cairns Dog School Supporters

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Cairns Dog School is a not-for-profit organisation. All proceeds go to animal welfare organisations. You will be entitled to discounts from our supporters.

Cairns Dog School Contact Us

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If you have any questions, our trainers are available before class every Monday night, or you can e-mail us if you have any queries prior to class.